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If any of these planning challenges keep you up at night, Ray can help. We take the time to deeply understand you and your business and provide executable tools and strategies to help you improve, grow, and increase sales. In other words, sleep better. And who doesn't want that?

Failure to Plan

Haphazardly doing all the things may not be the best or most effective use of your time. Taking a moment to reflect and refine will amplify your efforts. 

The Not Realistic Plan

When resources, time and quality are not in balance, it can lead to unplanned problems and an inevitable lack of execution and lack of desired outcomes.

Your 5-year Plan is Your Plan

We highly recommend a long-term plan, but if that is your only plan, it may stay on the horizon for longer than you would like. We'll help you identify key priorities and lay down the yearly and quarterly sequence of events to get you there. 

Too Busy to Plan

It's easy to get caught 'doing' everything and ignore building a strategic plan for growth. We'll help develop a framework that lets you focus on what is critical to hit sales goals and profitability. 

The Kitchen Sink Plan

A twenty-page wish list of everything you want to do is recipe for disaster, not a great strategic plan. Let's refine and map out all the amazing possibilities to an actionable plan with realistic timelines.

The Follower Plan

You are doing what everyone else is doing. Why isn't it working? Your brand positioning and your marketing are stronger when they are unique. We'll help you look for ways to stand out in a crowd of sameness and own what makes you special.

The Team Isn't Bought In Plan

You can't execute a plan when your team wants to go in different directions. Let us help you build a collaborative plan that has all team members aligned and moving forward together. 

The OK Plan

It's worked so far, so why change it? If you are questioning what is possible, there is a reason. Doing what has worked in the past isn't wrong, but not consistently testing new ideas leaves you vulnerable to stagnation or backwards momentum. 

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